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💉 Dependency Injection in Java ☕️

Posted at November 14, 2019 /


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Java is an object-oriented language with some functional aspects included in its core. Like any other object-oriented language, classes and objects are the foundations of any functionality that we can write and use. The relationships between the classes/objects make it possible to extend and reuse functionality. However, the way that we choose to build those relationships determine how modular, decoupled, and reusable our codebase is, not only in terms of our production code but also in our test suites.

In this article, we are going to describe the concept of Dependency Injection in Java and how it helps us have a more modular and decoupled codebase, which makes our lives easier, even for testing, without the need of any sophisticated container or framework.

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Java 8 Type Safe Configuration with default methods

Posted at December 21, 2015 /

There is a common requirement in most of the Java/JavaEE projects related to how differentiate environment configurations like development, test, QA, production, etc. for that reason there are a lot of frameworks or libraries to resolve that:

Even there is a Java Specification Request (JSR) Proposal:

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